Checking Services

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit at MFed offers more benefits than just the convenience of not waiting in line on pay day. 

Benefits Include:

  • Early availability – MFed provides early availability on Direct Deposit, and depending on your payroll provider, MFed may deposit funds one day in advance of your payday
  • Instant deposit – Electronic payroll deposit shows up in your account earlier than depositing in person
  • Instant access to funds – No check holds, your money is instantly available in your account
  • Automatic savings – By signing up for payroll deduction you can split your direct deposit between accounts to help you automatically save for holiday gifts, vacations, or special purchases
  • E-Alerts – Enroll in online banking and you can put your account on auto pilot with eAlerts
    • eAlerts will send a message to your cell phone or e-mail to let you know when your direct deposit came in, and for how much
  • Security – Electronic deposit keeps you safe from potential theft or loss of your check
  • Free service – There is no fee to set up payroll direct deposit

If you already have an account and would like to switch direct deposits to MFed, either visit our branch or call 1-800-640-1228 to receive a switch track code for ClickSwitch, our online switch tool! Let us know if you wish to open a new checking account with us.

ACH Transaction Setup

To get started, either visit our branch or call 1-800-640-1228 to receive a switch track code for ClickSwitch, our online switch tool!

Overdraft Transfer

Overdraft transfer gives you the confidence of knowing you can complete any transaction even if you’re balance is lower than you expected — and it's free!

Features Include:

  • Link to savings – Link your savings account to your checking account and you can use your savings balance as a backup in case of an overdraft
  • Link to an existing line of credit – Link your MFed Line of Credit to your checking account and you can use your credit line as a backup in case of an overdraft
  • Link to both savings and line of credit – You can link to both your savings and credit card so overdraft first draws from your savings account before drawing on your credit line
  • No payment denials – Feel confident that any ATM or point-of-sale transaction you make will be approved
  • Avoid NSF fees – Overdraft protection lets you avoid heftier non-sufficient funds or courtesy pay fees
  • eAlerts – Enroll in online banking and you can put your account on auto pilot with eAlerts
    • eAlerts will send a message to your cell phone or e-mail to let you know when an overdraft protection transfer was made to your account
    • You can also set low balance alerts to help you avoid overdrafts

To sign up for overdraft protection, contact Miramar Federal Credit Union at 1-800-640-1228 or visit our branch.

There is a $1 fee per occurrence of overdraft transfer. When linked to a credit line, interest on your balance will accrue at your standard interest rate. If a balance is not available in either your savings account or your credit line, the overdraft protection will not occur and your purchase may be denied. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Shared Branching

Credit unions are surprisingly convenient because we share each other’s branches and ATM network — that means wherever we have friends, you do too!

Shared Branches

As a member of Miramar Federal Credit Union, you have access to more than 4,600 shared branches nationwide where you can perform the following transactions:

  • Make deposits and withdrawals from your MFed checking and/or savings account ($500 daily limit)
  • Make loan payments on MFed loan or credit card
  • Get a cash advance from your MFed credit card
  • Transfer funds between MFed accounts
  • Review account histories
  • Purchase money orders

Enjoy Shared Branching at no cost to you!

CO-OP ATM Network

You also have access to more than 30,000 CO-OP ATMs nationwide, including many in 7-11 convenience stores.

There's no fee to use the CO-OP ATM Network. Find a CO-OP ATM online!

Easy to Find from Anywhere

MFed makes it easy to find a Shared Branch or CO-OP ATM from anywhere you are in the country.

  • Search online – Just visit our Locations & Hours page, type in the zip code or city and state where you are, and we will show you the nearest branches and ATMs you can use — and give you directions to get there
  • Send a text message – You can find a CO-OP ATM with just a cell phone; text a street address, zip code or “city state” to 692667 (MY COOP) to find the closest ATM locations

See the Schedule of Fees for details. For full terms and conditions please see the Personal Accounts Disclosure Brochure. For privacy and opt-out information please see the Privacy Notice. Message & data rates may apply for the CO-OP text messaging service. Please refer to your cell phone provider for information. To stop text STOP. Contact 1-800-640-1228 Monday – Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for help.

To use a CO-OP ATM, you must have an MFed debit card or ATM card. If you do not have one, please contact Miramar Federal Credit Union at 1-800-640-1228 or visit our branch.

Reorder Checks

You can order custom MFed checks or choose your own personalized checks with your MFed checking account. Through our partnership with Legacy you have many check designs to choose from.

MFed Offers Four Ways to Order Checks:

  • Online Banking check reorder – Log into online banking, select “Reorder Checks”, browse through all of the styles and accessories, select the style you want, and order
  • Legacy online check reorder – You can also reorder directly through the Legacy website and still have the opportunity to browse check styles and accessories; to log in, you will need the routing number (322281235) and your account number
  • Over the phone – Order your checks by calling 1-800-640-1228
  • At a branch – You can reorder your same checks at a branch or by calling Member Service at 1-800-640-1228; you cannot select a new design or order accessories through Member Service

Custom MFed checks are free with an Honors Checking account or a Wealth Builder checking account. Personalized checks can be purchased at a 25% discount.

Check reorder fees may apply. If a fee applies you will be told the cost prior to placing an order. The amount will automatically be deducted from your MFed checking account. Please refer to your cell phone provider for information.

Cashier's Checks

MFed offers cashier's checks to members who need to guarantee that funds are available to cover a payment. When ordering a cashier's check, the funds are withdrawn from your account and placed into a “Cashier’s” account to ensure the funds are available when the check is cashed.

Cashier's Checks Are Useful for the Following Reasons:

  • Making large purchases – If you need to make a large purchase (such as a car) and do not want to carry the cash, a cashier's check is a safe means of payment; if the check is lost, you can place a stop payment
  • Guarantee the funds are available – In some cases a merchant may not accept a regular check (such as an apartment rental); a cashier's check guarantees that the funds are available and the check will clear

To purchase a cashier's check, please visit our branch.

Identity Theft Warning

Cashier’s checks/official bank checks have become a popular means for theft in recent years. If you receive this type of check in exchange for payment of cash, you must be wary of its source. These checks can look legitimate, yet they are actually a forgery. Stay informed of identity theft scams and know your victim’s rights.

Fees may apply to purchase a cashier’s check, or to stop payment on a cashier’s check. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Money Orders

Guarantee your payment is good with a money order from MFed.

Useful in instances when a merchant may not accept a regular check (such as an apartment rental), a money order guarantees that funds are available as they will be received from the credit union and not the member’s checking account. Just purchase a money order in the amount you need to pay, and let us do the rest!

To purchase a money order, please visit our branch.

Fees may apply to purchase a money order. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Wire Transfers

Send funds almost anywhere domestically or internationally. A wire transfer is an electronic payment service. You can wire funds anywhere throughout the United States as well as to many places internationally. You can also receive incoming wires into your account.

Wire transfers can be used to send money to family members overseas or in other countries, or even send money to children away at college.

Our routing number for incoming wires is: 322281426.

Wire transfers must be requested in-person. To order a wire transfer, please visit our branch.

Fees apply for both incoming and outgoing wire services. Same day wires must be processed before 1:00 p.m. PST. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Lost or Stolen Card

As soon as you discover that your checkbook or MFed debit card has been lost or stolen is the time that you need to contact us to protect your account and your identity.

Lost/stolen debit card or ATM card (24/7):
Please call (800) 264-5578

From international location:
Please call collect (701) 461-0621

Lost/stolen MasterCard® (24/7):
Please call (800) 234-5354

Fees may apply for stop payment services. See the Schedule of Fees for details.

Courtesy Pay

With Courtesy Pay, MFed will cover checks, electronic payments, debit card purchases, and transfers that won’t clear due to Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF), helping you avoid the hassle and expense of declined transactions. Note: there is a fee per covered item. The overdraft balance and Courtesy Pay fees are due within 17 days.

MFed pays overdrafts at its discretion, which means we do not guarantee that we will always authorize and pay any type of transaction.

What You Need To Do

If you want this service as described above, you must opt-in. If you do not opt-in your debit and ATM transactions will be denied if you have insufficient funds in your account. You can opt-out of this service at any time.

To opt-in to Courtesy Pay and assure that your account receives this overdraft protection service, please contact Member Service at 1-800-640-1228 or visit our branch.

Download the complete details for more information about this service. NEED DOCUMENT FROM CLIENT

See Schedule of Fees for NSF fees. Miramar Federal Credit Union reserves the right to discontinue Courtesy Pay on member accounts at any time. 

Switch Kit

Switching Your Account Is Just a Click Away!

We know switching your accounts from one financial institution to another is time consuming and maybe even a little intimidating. Not at MFed. We’ve made it easy for you with ClickSWITCH, our free, online switch kit tool that safely and securely does the work for you.

You can easily move recurring payments and direct deposits to your MFCU account — all with the click of a mouse.

Get Started Today!

Visit our branch or call 1-800-640-1228 and we will assist you through the following steps.

  • Open a new Miramar FCU account
  • Receive a switch track code
  • Log into the ClickSWITCH Portal
  • Follow the easy prompts

If you already have an account and would like to switch your recurring payments and directs deposits to MFCU, either call us or come in to receive a switch track code.

If you already have your switch track code, get started now. If you don’t, talk with an employee today by calling us at (800) 640-1228.

Note: Please leave your old account open for 30 days. Our switch service will automatically send a cancellation notice and change of account form to the institutions your electronic transactions originated from, however, it may take up to 30 days for them to make the formal switch.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at (800) 640-1228 or visit our branch.