Kids Savings

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Our K Club savings is the ideal account to teach your kids how to take their first financial steps — like saving early and saving often — to meet goals that are sure to get bigger over time.

Get them started while they’re young — we'll even pay you $5 to open an account. Plus, the ongoing prizes and giveaways will help make it less work and more fun. Best of all, our K Club savings account will get your loved ones entry into MFed, an institution that is committed to their life-long financial well-being.

  • Account exclusively for young savers 12 and younger*
  • Start them on the road to financial success
  • Automatic enrollment in the Kirby Kangaroo Club Rewards Program
    • Get ongoing prizes (Kirby Bucks) and giveaways
  • Includes free MFed membership
  • Free online banking
    • Review balances and transfer money using online banking and mobile banking!
  • Free mobile banking
    • Deposit birthday checks with our mobile banking app!
  • Free eStatements**
  • Free ATM card*** at the request of the Joint Owner or Guarantor
  • Includes ongoing prizes and giveaways
  • Account automatically transfers over to a teen savings account upon 13th birthday
  • MFed will pay your $5 minimum deposit to get your child started
      Kirby Kangaroo Club Rewards

      The Kirby Kangaroo Club Rewards Program is a year round program that pays quarterly rewards. Kids earn one Kirby Buck for every $1 net deposited (deposits minus withdrawals) per quarter. At the end of each quarter, Kirby Bucks can be redeemed for prizes by bringing the K Club member (with his or her quarterly statement) to our location and showing the statement to any MFed member service representative. Prizes include:

      Kirby Kangaroo Club members enjoy:

      Plus, they also get:

      Games. Some are educational while other games are just plain FUN!

      Stories. Kirby Kangaroo is always embarking on an interesting new adventure. Your child will enjoy reading the latest Kirby story, while learning valuable lessons about saving money.

      Coloring Pages. Kids love to color! Pages are provided in Adobe PDF format for easy downloading.

      Jokes. Kirby Kangaroo has plenty of jokes to keep your child laughing. They can even submit their own jokes! If they’re funny, they will be chosen and posted on the Kirby Kangaroo website.

      *Account requires an adult as the account’s joint legal owner, with the child acting as the primary account holder. Joint owner must:

      • Be at least 18 years old
      • Be a parent or legal guardian (proof required)
      • Have a primary account and in good standing with Miramar Federal CU

       **eStatements are provided; account holder may opt out of paper statements

      ***Issued at the request of joint owner/guarantor

      Maximum redemption per quarter is 500 Kirby Buck’s. Program may change at credit union’s discretion.

      Set them up for success!