College Life


Going to college means preparing for the future, and MFed can help get you started on the right track! You or your college-bound teen will have enough to keep you busy — from trying to get into the right classes to doing well on the final. The last thing you need to worry about is paying for your or their education.

Our personal loans, share-secured and home equity loans can help you pay for school to give you that extra peace of mind you need during this busy time of your life. Plus, our checking and savings accounts will help you manage money to pay for those incidentals, like notebooks, pens and pencils, and of course pizza for those late-night cram sessions!

Setting yourself up for efficient money management and a realistic budget will keep you all on course through the college years. We offer great online banking options and tools that can help parents keep an eye on the finances of students away at college. 

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FAFSA—Free Application for Federal Student Aid