Veteran and Family Business Loans

VA Home Loans

Many active duty servicemen and women, including their spouses, continue their contributions to the country they have served by channeling their skills and leadership into entrepreneurial endeavors that help strengthen our economy.

With our business loans for veterans, Miramar Federal Credit Union (MFED) makes it easier to get the proper funding vehicle in the hands of active duty, veterans and their families so they can succeed in their business ventures.

MFed can help, not only with a full financing array of business lending programs including SBA 7a and 504 loans, working capital lines of credit, and conventional commercial real estate. We can also help you with developing your business and long range financing plans to help grow your business profitably. Not an MFed member yet? Join us and experience the benefits of an institution that truly empowers its members.


What Types of Businesses are Eligible for These Loans?

The business must be owned at least 51% by individual or group qualified by our field of membership for our credit union. Most businesses purposes are eligible as long as the business does not operate as a pyramid scheme, gambling, or lending business.

What can I use the Loan for?

The money from a Veteran and Family Business Loan can be used for most business purposes. Examples for adding more value would include:

  • infusing working capital into your business
  • start-up costs for a new business
  • purchasing equipment
  • purchasing real estate for your business to occupy
  • business management
  • expansion of your business
  • setting up to sell goods and services to the government (contracting)
  • setting up your business for the possibility of your deployment
  • recovery from declared disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.

How Much Money Can I Borrow?

Working with our lending team they will help you figure out not only how much you need but what you also qualify for.

For assistance with starting or help in simply moving your business forward we recommend contacting The Rosie Network.

Finance the future of your business.