Telephone Banking

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Don’t have a computer or mobile device handy? That’s okay — you can still get some of your basic banking done through your touch-tone phone, thanks to MFed’s Moneyline telephone banking service.

Moneyline is free, easy, and convenient, and lets you access your accounts 24/7. You can check your balances, transfer funds, stop payments, and more, all from the convenience of a touch-tone phone.

  • All you need is a touch-tone phone
  • Verify checking and savings balances
  • Review recent deposits or account history
  • Transfer funds among your MFed accounts
  • Stop Payments
  • Make inquiries on your loans, IRAs and CDs
  • Change your Moneyline PIN

To Get Started

  1. Call MFed to request a Phone Banking Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  2. Download the Moneyline Directory (PDF)
  3. Call (800) 640-1228 to get started